“I did this to myself,” I mumbled. I kept thinking, “This is my fault. I am stuck on this bike in this heat in Bagan to celebrate my big birthday. I chose this. I must be crazy.” I wondered, “Why am I torturing myself? Are we having fun yet?” George, my happy husband, seemed so […]

It’s not as if women need another reason to lose sleep at night, but when it comes to moving, insomnia is a guaranteed side-affect. While I’ve had many transitions over the last eight years, four homes, a divorce and two children off to college, it is now as I’m leaving the doldrums of suburban life […]

Long ago, when I would return from a journey to San Francisco’s notorious Alcatraz prison, after a field trip or outing with visiting relatives, I wondered what it would be like to get locked up in jail…even just for the day, let alone the night or for weeks and/or years on end. Little did I […]

Come on…admit it, watching those “geeks” tumble down the streets on their Segways has always amused you and, at the same time, created a curiosity.  Right?! My perception of those that board these (what I thought to be) deficient geek mobiles, was that I could never keep company with them.  Yet, I will confess, there’s always been […]

It’s bittersweet.  As a single mother for eight years, I’ve dreamed of my independence…the day I would be free from the responsibility of my children. Here I sit on an airplane, my grown, adult son ready to set off to college in another state, Colorado. I’m sad, anxious and sad again that I am “losing” my […]

“Why doesn’t anyone put me on a pedestal and worship me?” That was a common question my mother, Geraldine Greenberg Freeman, would ask when she felt undervalued—which she often did. She was right; we usually took her for granted. It’s funny that, not until the day she died at the very young age of 50, […]

“You can doooooo eeeet!” exclaimed Lourdes.  A shrug from my dear college friend Jeanine in response, “I will try.” We’re sitting in the Taller Flamenco studio where Jeanine journeyed nearly 6,000 miles so that she could spend her 50th birthday learning Flamenco techniques from a grass roots professional in the city in which this beautiful […]

Thinking about Maui?  Well, let me provide some inspiration…check out my in-depth radio segments about Maui, Wailea, Hana and Napili Bay here: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast/podcast_detail.php?siteId=5593978 http://traffic.libsyn.com/kcbx/audlog_NPR_maui.mp3

It started out as a reunion with a budding romantic interest…a promise of finding love in one of the world’s most ideal, magical islands…Maui.  I was to meet a long distance paramour who flew in from a far off destination while I had the easy trek from Oakland, California. While filled with great anticipation for […]

In Hawaiʻi, our landscapes, flora, fauna, and every naturally occurring phenomenon is a physical form of one of our akua (deities), kupua (demigods), or kūpuna (ancestors). Thus, as Native Hawaiians, we have distinct views about our lands and unique relationships with them. Land is not simply property to be owned, it is genealogically tied to […]