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A Journey to the Coastal Region of San Luis Obispo, California

One of the most breathtaking journeys along the California Coast is the Highway 1 Discovery Route, which encompasses a 101 mile road trip that showcases 10 different artisan towns and seaside villages, each one rich in character and history. While our journey did not allow for a full tour of each town, the highlight included […]

Her Journey to 50

Her journey to fifty was intended to capture one woman’s trek through fifty days of travel leading up to her 50th birthday. Instead, it’s taken a turn, as most journeys do.  While I did not embark on a long sojourn for the nearly two months of travel leading up to my 50th birthday, I have […]

The Journey to the Best Date in My Life

While I have had my share of romantic encounters and the typical “dinner and a movie” dates, my recent journey to the remote destination of Tofino on Vancouver Island is home to the new love of my life.             The small eight seat plane that whisked me from Vancouver airport to the Tofino runway started […]

My Journey with Alcatraz’s Ex-Cons

It’s the 80th anniversary for the opening of Alcatraz as a national penitentiary. This weekend is being spent celebrating the alumni that are still alive to tell their story. While these jailed inmates were at the “top of their game” back in the day, they transitioned their lives after leaving “The Rock” and have become […]

My Journey to the Ten Best Swimming Holes in the World

There are many idyllic swimming destinations in the world, but Palau’s Jellyfish Lake ranks high as one of the most unusual. As a result, I took to “the road” to discover the Top Ten Best Places to Swim in the world. Here are my favorites: Jellyfish Lake, Palau, Micronesia — for those that want to […]

Great Historic Bars of San Francisco

As San Francisco transitions once again into a hub for technology industry hipsters, the bar scene evolves as well. However, there is one constant in this great, celebratory city…an appreciation for old dives and historic watering holes. SF Heritage, which works preserve and enhance San Francisco’s unique architectural and cultural identity, has compiled a guide […]

Morro Bay: My Journey to a Central Coast Playground

Morro Bay: My Journey to a Central Coast Playground If you are interested in outdoor adventure, discover Morro Bay. The seaside village is an ideal active getaway that boasts one of the Central Coast’s most gorgeous of settings. Located along scenic Highway 1 midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Morro Bay is both […]

What John F. Kennedy Means To Me…

It was 50 years ago that we lost a great man, a leader, an inspiration. It is with great sadness that JFK’s death was the stimulus for my conception. The United States and the world lost a president in great tragedy.  Anyone that was alive at that time has a memory to share…what were you […]

An Unexpected 21st

When you think about celebrating your 21st birthday, most think of hanging out with your closest friends, having the time of your life and throwing back tequila shots all night long.  At least that’s what I thought I’d be doing until about six months prior to my 21st. Instead, I got this crazy idea that […]

Never Say Never…

Never Say Never… Come on, admit it…we’ve all declared in some form or fashion “I will never…!” Well, I am not immune. I think I’ve been heard to say that I never needed to return to Las Vegas.  I know my children have heard me lecture them about never getting a tattoo.  And, in my […]