The Journey to the Best Date in My Life

While I have had my share of romantic encounters and the typical “dinner and a movie” dates, my recent journey to the remote destination of Tofino on Vancouver Island is home to the new love of my life.

            The small eight seat plane that whisked me from Vancouver airport to the Tofino runway started the reunion. I sat in awe, staring at the beauty below me with a crew and passengers that were as excited about my journey as I was. Sure, they’re spoiled with their everyday views that seemed to stretch the distance of the 45-minute flight, but my enthusiasm was contagious.

            As the plane made its decent, I could see my man waiting for me on the tarmac. My heart was pounding out of my chest…just like the cartoon characters that express an over-exaggeration of their emotions. While the engines cooled, we were restrained by the pilots, but my feet were ready to bounce out of the plane and into my love’s arms.

            I was one of the last out of the plane, which prolonged the comfort of “PH’s” embrace, but I was not disappointed in my anticipation.

            There is nothing sweeter than the hug of a loved one…a moment in time that you wish could last forever.

            Thus began my journey, but it wasn’t until day two that PH brought me to nirvana with the most amazing possible date that any man can bestow upon the woman he is courting.

            It started the day after my arrival with instructions for how to dress. I was to wear layers as we would experience a myriad of climates and bring along my bathing suit???! To say I was stumped was an understatement.

            On our way to the “destination,” PH stopped to pick up provisions that he would not divulge. I love surprises, but I am also eager to uncover the secrets that people try to keep hidden. (Note: I really LOVE being surprised…there is nothing more sexy)

            With my curiosity piqued, we park the car then PH leads me down a footbridge to a dock on the bay. At the end, we are greeted by pilot Jason who is prepping his float plane for our journey of discovery. But, I still don’t know where we are going and I am filled with a sweet exhilaration. This is indeed a turn on!

            While we await instructions for boarding, the two men exchange glances. I’m titillated. I remind myself to enjoy the moment, relish in the effort PH has put forth to surprise me and just sit back for take-off.

            As we ascend, I am immediately blown away with the views above Tofino and throughout the mountains of Vancouver Island. We segue through the glaciers, over the oyster farms and into the forest.

            A small lake appears. It’s nestled in the pine tree encrusted forests that surround every inch of the myriad of islands. There is no other life apparent…just the water below, the mountains, the trees and our little threesome preparing for landing at Pretty Girl Lake.  

            It’s beautiful, it’s romantic and it’s completely isolated.

            Jason lands the plane, we taxi towards a small rustic dock and he immediately offloads his passengers and their provisions. He says goodbye. I stand there stunned. There is absolutely no way out, with the exception of his floatplane.

            At first, I feel stranded. Then, I realize PH is standing behind me, gauging my reaction. I turn to face PH and the first kiss ensues.


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