Monthly Archives: November 2013

What John F. Kennedy Means To Me…

It was 50 years ago that we lost a great man, a leader, an inspiration. It is with great sadness that JFK’s death was the stimulus for my conception. The United States and the world lost a president in great tragedy.  Anyone that was alive at that time has a memory to share…what were you […]

An Unexpected 21st

When you think about celebrating your 21st birthday, most think of hanging out with your closest friends, having the time of your life and throwing back tequila shots all night long.  At least that’s what I thought I’d be doing until about six months prior to my 21st. Instead, I got this crazy idea that […]

Never Say Never…

Never Say Never… Come on, admit it…we’ve all declared in some form or fashion “I will never…!” Well, I am not immune. I think I’ve been heard to say that I never needed to return to Las Vegas.  I know my children have heard me lecture them about never getting a tattoo.  And, in my […]