Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Journey to “Jail”

Long ago, when I would return from a journey to San Francisco’s notorious Alcatraz prison, after a field trip or outing with visiting relatives, I wondered what it would be like to get locked up in jail…even just for the day, let alone the night or for weeks and/or years on end. Little did I […]

Journey on a Segway?????

Come on…admit it, watching those “geeks” tumble down the streets on their Segways has always amused you and, at the same time, created a curiosity.  Right?! My perception of those that board these (what I thought to be) deficient geek mobiles, was that I could never keep company with them.  Yet, I will confess, there’s always been […]

My Journey to Independence

It’s bittersweet.  As a single mother for eight years, I’ve dreamed of my independence…the day I would be free from the responsibility of my children. Here I sit on an airplane, my grown, adult son ready to set off to college in another state, Colorado. I’m sad, anxious and sad again that I am “losing” my […]