We’re all on a Journey…

As summer comes to an end, and I am ready to move into my 48th year, I find that we all enjoy journeys of a different sort.

In June, I had the privilege of celebrating my sister Sue’s birthday in Keystone, Colorado.  After getting miserably lost trying to find the trail head for Lily Pad Lake, we enjoyed a three mile journey which led us to encounters with other hikers from around the world.

My family and I were then blessed with the fourth wedding in the next generation, Evan and Beatriz…probably the most in love couple I have seen in a very long time!  The venue in Tahoe was resplendent, the couple even more so.

From Tahoe, my siblings (and our significant others) headed to Coastal Oregon for my eldest sister Sally’s birthday celebration.  As for most families, this adventure was a mixture of extreme love and admiration as well as chaos and emotion!  I learned to sand board, listen really hard to the people I love most and be patient, which is not one of my instincts.  It was a journey and one I am still riding on….

While travel and new places intrigue and enlighten me, I find my favorite vacations to be linked to a family cabin that was purchased the month I was born.  My grandparents, as Stanford alumni, fell in love with Fallen Leaf Lake, near South Lake Tahoe, because it was home to an amazing mountain retreat that my Cardinal family of four generations has enjoyed since the inception of this great university.  I was reunited with my brother

Bob’s family, now residing in New York…and we enjoyed having my (senior in college) daughter Jessie join us all while she was home for a brief one week vacation from Ohio.

Born on August 22, 1964, I am a mistake…a result of my parents need to connect after the tragedy of JFK’s assassination.  I confirmed that fact after I finally figure out that my date of birth came exactly nine months after the death of this great man.

As I am approaching my 20th anniversary for Hook, Line & Thinker, I am honored to welcome back Taylor Warner as my associate, an advocate, a special friend, a confidante and the most amazing colleague I’ve ever had.  Please wish us well as we try to build the business into the next generation…and launch HerJourneyTo50.com into a viable new media source.

Cheers ~


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  1. What a poignant, lovely post! Thank you for inspiring us 🙂 We just had the most Darling guests from Arizona, Seattle and Vancouver stay with us with their partners and we were all blessed.
    Lisa at the Whistler Alpine Chalet

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