Monthly Archives: July 2012

My Winter of Much Content

Candy B. Harrington My journey is different than most, as it took me back to my roots. I was raised in the mountains. The forest was my playground and my father taught me to love and respect nature from a very early age. I adored the solitude of the winters on my mountain; so much […]

Sand Sport Journeys in Coastal Oregon

Soaring along the dunes of the Oregon Coast in Florence, I was strapped into my sand rail vehicle floating like the Osprey above.  The wind whipped through my shaggy hair creating a nest from the strands.  I was climbing, spiraling, descending at speeds up to 45 miles an hour around the largest sand dunes I’ve […]

In Search of Passion (Fruit)

By Emma Krasov, Travel Writer and Yuri Krasov, Photographer Let me disclose it right away that I will never be 50. Even if I live to be 100. When asked about my age, I tend to stumble – not because I am so old that I don’t remember how old I am, but because I […]