Bull Riding in Keystone, Colorado

My journeys are meant to feature a series of firsts.  As was the case with my recent cowboy adventure in Keystone, CO, where I hopped onto an electronic bull and rode off into the sunset.

The intention of my trip was to soak up knowledge and motivation for my new venture, HerJourneyTo50.com, at the TBEX-12 conference where 700 travel bloggers descended, or ascended the high altitudes of Colorado, upon the small resort town of Keystone.

But, the highlight of my journey was the Expedia barbeque adventure where we assumed new personas and had the chance to channel our inner cowboy.

In addition to the sweet smell of barbeque, the twang of country music and the presence of sturdy horses, there sat an electronic bull and my name was all over it.  I approached with caution, my friends Laurie and Lucy prompting me to hop on.  As I was taught many years ago by my great Uncle, one is to approach an animal with respect and calm.  Although this “beast” was inanimate, I employed “Unky’s” advice…greeting my bull with great care, petting his metal frame and asking permission to climb aboard.

My audience was amused.

While it is not my nature, I requested an easy ride to begin this journey.  (Note: it was just four years ago that I had a severely broken leg that left me “handicapped” for 15 months) However, once I got the rhythm, I was eager to take it up a notch.  The operator took my cue.

I hung on.

I was then asked to return for the challenge round, competing against six other colleagues.

I needed a shtick.  My competition was stiff and I was by far the oldest member in the finale bull-riding contest.  They told me that the winner would be selected for style since we all qualified in the time challenge.

So, I took note of the competition (mostly men) and decided my best “assets” would have to make an appearance.

While I didn’t earn the trophy that night, I succeeded in realizing yet another first!



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