My Mile High Journey

We all approach our milestones in an individual manner.  When I was 16, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license (gee, how unique, right).  At 21, my brother Rich took me to Nevada’s Stateline in South Lake Tahoe and taught me how to play craps (I won twenty whole bucks).  At 30, I realized I was older than my mother (since she professed to be 29 my entire life…at least on her latest birthday in May, she now recognizes that she’s 84).  When 40 hit me, I jumped out of a plane with my dear friends Jacqui and Kristi (after which I exclaimed…“that’s almost better than sex!”  As I recall, they both agreed).

As I approach 50, my body is “changing” and when I left my latest bi-annual physical, my doctor has a list of my eight ailments that have to be tended to.  Really?!  At 47, my body is falling apart.

Did any of you know that the freakin’ pads on the bottom of your feet wear out?  Could be the high heels I’m accustomed to wearing, but seriously, how do you fix that?!  Botox for the feet?  Geez!

So, while my body is already starting to fail, I ask you…what shall I do?!  If I’m going to fall apart anyway, why not bungie jump over the Grand Canyon or swim with sharks (oh, wait…I’ve already done that).

Anyway, I will jump out of planes; I would love to bungie; I’d love to do fast tracks on a raceway; I’ll learn how to Flamenco Dance in Spain; and I’d even enjoy learning how to race a horse…as long as nobody bets on me to actually win.  Bottom line, I am game!

See you at the track?!


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