Her Journey to Rwanda

ImageBy: Stefanie Michaels, known to legions of fans as “Adventure Girl®,”

My recent trip to Rwanda was both exciting and emotional and, to date, one of my favorite places on the planet.

Located in East Africa, the country is that of verdant landscapes, jungles and tea plantations. Everywhere you look there is green, with the colors of tiny towns and villages masked in browns and tans, set against what looks like nature’s movie set.

The country, now politically stable, is considered the “Switzerland of Africa,” and is so clean. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find even a paper on the roads of Kigali, the capital city. Initiatives set forth by the current President, Paul Kagame, include a Sunday each month of communities coming together to clean neighborhoods. The President is also pitching in, showing up to contribute man power for the clean-up efforts.

The people, some scarred from the horrific genocide, which took place more than 17 years ago, are kind and beautiful, with smiles as big as they come. They are joyous, friendly, and ever so pleased to know you, and share their stunning country. And the children… well, I’ll just let the images speak for themselves.

Let’s not forget adventures! I can’t help but say that the gorilla trek was amazing and my favorite activity on the trip. Also exciting was the chance to be the first guests to experience the Nyungwe Resort and Spa, built environmentally friendly against the forest and set on a tea plantation. Another interesting experience, my visit to a Pygmy village where the women make pottery.

I enjoy sharing news and stories about my adventures.  But, for now, ladies and gents, let me introduce you to this fantastic little gem called, Rwanda.


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