My Journey With Jellyfish

It feels like I’m floating on a soft cover of cumulus clouds.  The sky above is bright blue and I am surrounded by an extreme quiet.  It’s calm. Like the Heaven I imagine.

But, I am saturated, restored from the refreshing water that sooths the hot streaks that line my body after a rocky hike over a steep hillside.

I’m always the first one to jump in, to make my way to the sunny spot in the middle of Palau’s curious Jellyfish Lake.  Other than some (even more) remote locale in the Pacific, this small saltwater fed vestibule is the only safe place for humans to interact with jellyfish.

It is literally my favorite place in the world.  I feel connected.  I am ageless.  I’m superhuman.  I imagine this is how my devout church-going friends feel when they are blessed with the virtues of their own temples.

Jellyfish Lake is my temple.  I just wish I lived close enough to make a weekly pilgrimage for restoration and healing.

Instead, and I’m not complaining, I visit once a year and fill my soul with its restorative power, bringing with me a new crop of “parishioners.”

I am blessed to call Palau and its ever-popular Jellyfish Lake one of my clients, a part of the family, so to speak.  It’s the most sacred “Home Away From Home.”

As a result, I have the great fortune to bring a very select group of travel journalists to the destination every fall.  The list of interested media is infinite…and Jellyfish Lake is just one of the many assets that draws the attention of some of the world’s most celebrated media.

Back to my “temple.”  As it happens, it’s very early on a Sunday morning and I suffer from jet lag.  However, I am inspired by the recent visit to my place of worship and energized by its virtues.

I lie here at this un-Godly hour reminiscing about the pulsating tentacles of my “best friends.” They nurture me, feed me with strength and give me power to meet life’s challenges.  I wish I could bottle it up so that I could share my good fortune with the rest of the world, but alas, Jellyfish Lake would then be a commercial enigma and no longer an individual journey to self-restoration.

I am blessed.

Thank you, Mark Downey for the photos!


One comment

  1. Frances antoinette · · Reply

    Wow! I didn’t know it was possible to swim with jellyfish…they don’t sting?

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