My Backyard Journey


While many of us think about our journeys in the context of getting out of town, there is something to be said for keeping it local.

As my birth place and that of my two children, San Francisco holds a lot of appeal to me.  There’s diversity of people, geography, cuisine, the arts, attractions and passion.

Although I typically root for the underdog, the recent 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge has occupied a great deal of international appeal and a lot of my time…on behalf of several clients…and possesses all of the above diversities.

As a tribute to the magnificent icon, the Hyatt Regency San Francisco is presently the home to Steven Backman’s 18-foot toothpick replica of the bridge (designed for Ripley’s Believe It or Not!).  Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf and Red and White Fleet are offering the only Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary Package (good for discounted accommodations and Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise), which celebrates the distinctive legend.  And, the new Bay Voyager (now berthed at Jack London Square) gets up close and personal to the key characteristics of the bridge like no other vessel can.

What holds special appeal to me, about this grand dame, is that I will begin MyJourneyTo50 in June of 2014 from a precipice of shoreline at the Land’s End labyrinth that features the most amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


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