Monthly Archives: June 2012

Bull Riding in Keystone, Colorado

My journeys are meant to feature a series of firsts.  As was the case with my recent cowboy adventure in Keystone, CO, where I hopped onto an electronic bull and rode off into the sunset. The intention of my trip was to soak up knowledge and motivation for my new venture,, at the TBEX-12 […]

Eat, Pray, Scrub

by  Laurie McAndish King Visiting Ubud, the health capital of Bali, I couldn’t resist tracking down one of the star healers from the book Eat, Pray, Love, and trying her medicinal concoctions. Wayan Nuriasih’s shop was tucked away on a narrow lane just off Ubud’s main drag. The front of the shop opened directly onto […]

My Mile High Journey

We all approach our milestones in an individual manner.  When I was 16, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license (gee, how unique, right).  At 21, my brother Rich took me to Nevada’s Stateline in South Lake Tahoe and taught me how to play craps (I won twenty whole bucks).  At 30, I realized […]

Her Journey to Rwanda

By: Stefanie Michaels, known to legions of fans as “Adventure Girl®,” My recent trip to Rwanda was both exciting and emotional and, to date, one of my favorite places on the planet. Located in East Africa, the country is that of verdant landscapes, jungles and tea plantations. Everywhere you look there is green, with the […]

My Journey With Jellyfish

It feels like I’m floating on a soft cover of cumulus clouds.  The sky above is bright blue and I am surrounded by an extreme quiet.  It’s calm. Like the Heaven I imagine. But, I am saturated, restored from the refreshing water that sooths the hot streaks that line my body after a rocky hike […]

The Journey of 49 Before 50

By Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom I created the brand The Travel Mom in 1996. However, I started traveling as a mom from the time my first child was born in 1990.  I was fortunate to be able to do something I truly love.  Life was full of family adventures.  We visited all kinds of […]

My Backyard Journey

While many of us think about our journeys in the context of getting out of town, there is something to be said for keeping it local. As my birth place and that of my two children, San Francisco holds a lot of appeal to me.  There’s diversity of people, geography, cuisine, the arts, attractions and […]