Monthly Archives: May 2012

By the Time I’m 50

By Kristin Zibell I was sitting at my parent’s computer looking for jobs in the winter of 2009. You may remember that time… the DOW Index was at 6700 and the country’s economic outlook was as frozen as the Wisconsin winter that I was now in the middle of. I had just taken my first […]

Underwater Journey

“It tastes so salty,” I quipped when surfacing from my first dive of 32 minutes in the German Channel of Micronesia. My boyfriend Mike and I had the unique opportunity to get PADI certified in one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite underwater wonders, Palau. As it turns out, my equipment wasn’t quite right and there was a […]

Celebrating 50 in Yosemite

By: Carol Blaisdell, M.D. Medical Officer — NHLBI, NIH Planning for one’s 50th birthday celebration is not such a big deal, as long as you look at it as your glass is now half full and you look forward to continuing to add to it. One of my favorite wonders of the world is Yosemite National Park. The mountain […]